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Deerfield Beach Burglary CCTV Camera System

Please help Spy Spot Investigations in apprehending the burglars who burglarized the Antiques Buyers Store. This took place on February 6th, 2016 and the full video is included below. Let us know if you have any information regarding the burglary. Contact us at (561) 279-3939. If you are interested in receiving a camera system similar to the one used for the burglary you may also contact us to be provided a price quote. Any information is appreciated that will lead us to the apprehension of these criminals.


Worldwide International SIM Card

GPS Tracking Tracker will be releasing shortly it’s brand new International SIM card, which will work all over the world. The SIM card comes with each GPS Tracker and can be used in multiple countries. The cost for the basic plan of worldwide tracking is $29.00 per month with a one time Activation fee of $44.95. Contact GPS Tracking Tracker to get started today and to learn more about International Tracking.

Brand New Ebay Store

GPS Tracking Tracker has a brand new redesigned Ebay store where most of the products can be purchased directly from Ebay. Products include all of the real time GPS Trackers such as the Micro Tracker, OBD Tracker, and the Hard Wire Tracker. Other additional accessories can be purchased such as the extended battery pack, magnetic case, car charger, y cable, and more. Each product is offered at a discounted rate on the Ebay store and multiple items could be ordered. Check out the brand new store today to learn more about all the latest solutions in GPS Tracking.

Ebay Site:

New Signs for Surveillance

Audio and Video Surveillance Plastic Sign:

  • Plastic Sign for Indoors or Outdoors
  • English and Spanish
  • Audio & Video Surveillance on Duty All Times
  • Measurements are 15.5″x 12″

Private Property No Trespassing Plastic Sign:

  • Plastic Sign
  • English and Spanish
  • Private Property No Soliciting No Loitering No Trespassing
  • 15.5″ x 12″

Registered Gun Owner:

  • Plastic Sign
  • Measures 15.5″ x 12″
  • English and Spanish
  • Warning Registered Gun Owner

Road Trip GPS Tracking

GPS Trackers can be an ideal solution for tracking children, family members, or friends during long road trips. GPS Trackers can be placed inside a vehicle or inside a person’s backpack and used to track the person’s location at all times. GPS Tracking Tracker’s GPS Trackers will track all over the country and can be accessed remotely from any smart phone or computer. This will allow family members and friends to track a person’s location at all times in order to see where they are on the trip. Text/email notifications may also be configured to provide alerts when a person arrives at a certain location. This eliminates the tediousness of having to constantly check the tracking software to get location updates.

Each type of GPS Tracker would be able to track long trips. However, if the trip is longer than two weeks, it is recommended to purchase an additional battery if using the Micro Tracker GL 200 or GL 300 model. The Micro Tracker has a battery life of two and a half weeks, but has a miniature extended battery case that can last up to 6 weeks. Another larger extended battery can be purchased that will extend the battery life of the Micro Tracker to up to 6 months. Each battery is rechargeable including the battery of the actual Micro Tracker itself.

Road trips can be a fun experience, but provide peace of mind by purchasing a GPS Tracker. Always know the location of your loved ones during long trips providing safety for both yourself as well as the person being tracked.

Snow Plow Tracking

GPS Tracking can be used by cities in the winter time in order to invest in GPS Trackers that will track the location of snow plows. This will provide updates to local citizens of the areas that have been plowed as well as areas still with dangerous conditions. The tracking portal can be viewed online using any phone or computer so it can be integrated right into a city website. Local citizens can find out the safest route for travel, which in turn can lead to less accidents and safer driving in hazardous conditions. GPS Tracking Tracker offers discounted rates for bulk purchases on the cost of the units themselves, activation fee, and monthly service. Contact GPS Tracking Tracker to be provided a full price quote.

Brand New 3G GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking Tracker will be releasing its brand new 3G GPS Tracker early next year. No tentative release date currently exists, but we are aiming to debut the new GPS Tracker by February at the latest. Check the blog and website for periodic updates. The new 3G GPS Tracker takes advantage of the fact that 2G is slowly being phased out in certain areas. This makes old 2G GPS Trackers obsolete in the near future. 3G GPS Tracking will provide better cellular signal since it runs off of the 3G network. The GL 300 will be taking advantage of the 3G signal.

GPS Tracking for Autistic Children

In a recent news story, two parents in Long Island won a fight with local schools in order for their kids to be able to wear GPS Tracking devices to class. According to NBC news, both children wandered from home or school 14 times in two years. The use of a GPS Tracker enables the parents to monitor their children’s location right from a smart phone or computer. Whether you are a concerned parent interested in protecting a loved one or a caregiver, GPS Trackers may be the right solution.

GPS Tracking Tracker offers the portable Micro Tracker, which is a real time GPS Tracker. The Micro Tracker has two and a half weeks of battery life and can be tracked using any computer, tablet, or smart phone. The software is easy to use and can even be configured for text/email notifications. Perimeters can be setup which can notify a parent when their child arrives to school and leaves school. These features make the Micro Tracker a must have for a concerned parent looking to protect their children.

Hidden Clock Camera for Business or Residential

The HD WIFI Clock Camera is one of the latest hidden spy cameras offered by Spy Spot Investigations. The HD WIFI Clock Camera is a real time camera that can be viewed from any iPhone, Android, or computer. It can either be battery powered or plugged into a wall outlet for a continuous charge. It streams in full high definition and also streams audio. The clock camera features two way audio monitoring as well as night vision. It can save the data to a micro SD card and scheduled recording times can be programmed as well. The WIFI clock camera also features motion activated recording. Installation is simple and just requires installing a free app and then pairing it with the WIFI network.


Detecting GPS Trackers on Vehicle

GPS Tracking Tracker’s sub company Spy Spot Investigations offers a product that can be used to locate GPS Trackers on a vehicle. The product is called a Bug Detector and can locate signals such as GSM, WI-FI, Bluetooth, FM, and more. It is also able to locate hidden camera devices. The Bug Detector is easy to use and is a dual mode Bug Detector. It is able to detect frequencies ranging from 1 MHz – 6.5 GHz. In order to detect a GPS Tracker, the GPS Tracker must be transmitting while scanning. It is recommended to drive around with the vehicle so it can obtain a signal prior to scanning.