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Jewelry Tracking

The Micro Tracker is a small discrete GPS Tracker that can be used to track jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. The Micro Tracker is small enough to fit inside a suitcase and can be viewed online from any phone or computer. The Micro Tracker is ideal for jewelry tracking. Jewelry tracking can aid individuals who work trade shows and travels from show to show. The GPS Tracking software will ensure that the jewelry arrives at the location safely and a text message or email will be sent to the owner to notify them of arrival.

The GPS Tracking software is $29.95 per month and will provide frequent updates with one minute updates being the most frequent. The user just logs into the software and can track his or her jewelry from any location. The software requires no installation and just requires internet access. Detailed reports will be provided with up to a one year history stored in the database. Multiple perimeters can be created that will alert the user whenever their jewelry enters or exits a perimeter.

Protect your jewelry with GPS Tracking Tracker’s portable Micro Tracker. Jewelry tracking can be used to ensure that your valuables are safe and have not been tampered with. Prevent theft and loss with GPS Tracking Tracker’s jewelry tracking. Order your jewelry tracker right from our website and rest easy knowing your valuables are safe.

Jewelry Case

Extended Battery

The extended battery is an additional accessory for the Micro GPS Tracker that will extend the battery life for to up to six months.

The Extended Battery comes in a magnetic case and holds the Micro GPS Tracker.  The strong 50 lb. magnet base holds the case and its contents to any magnetic metal surface, securely.  The Extended Battery lasts for up to 6 months and comes with a charger for easy revival.  The Extended Battery Case is water resistant, so it is ideal for extreme weather conditions such as snow, sleet and rain.  You can place the case on a car or boat for quick and easy tracking of your assets.

With the extended battery, you are able to get tracking updates every minute or every five minutes.  The Micro GPS Tracker nests right into the case and is protected from weather and force.  The case is black, so it is very inconspicuous when attached to the frame of the vehicle.  This is perfect if you do not have access to the inside of the car and if you need a constant charge on the Micro GPS Tracker.  The extended battery takes the two and a half week life span of the Micro GPS Tracker and increases it to six months.  You can monitor the battery life straight from the Tracking Portal and see when it gets low, so that you can recharge it.

The extended battery allows for all of the same features as the Micro GPS Tracker alone including Breadcrumb Trails, Fleet Tracking, Hybrid and Satellite Views, and so much more.  You do not need to download the software and it can be accessed from any Windows, Mac, Iphone, Android, Smartphone, IPad or virtually any tablet.  Use this software to keep an eye out on teenagers, spouses, employees, the elderly or all of your valuables.  The Micro GPS Tracker has a $59.95 activation fee and a monthly service fee of $29.95 that can be cancelled at any time.  We do not make you sign into any contracts, so you are free to track whenever you would like.

Get the extended battery case with your purchase of a Micro GPS Tracker and know that your valuables are safe and secure.  The ease of a six month battery life is easy, available and just a click away.  The extended battery case measures 5.43″ x 4.06″ x 2.12” and is available on our website.