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Boca Raton Helicopters uses GPS Tracking Tracker’s GPS products in order to track the exact location and flight path of its helicopters. The GPS Trackers are used to track the flight behavior of students and a breadcrumb trail is provided to show you the exact path taken.

Website - Boca Raton Helicopters

Email –

Phone – (561) 290 – 9700


Antique Buyers uses the Micro Tracker to provide tracking updates on valuables such as jewelry, paintings, antiques, etc. Jewelers participate at different shows, so the GPS Trackers provide text/email updates anytime the jewelry is moved.



Miami Segways

The Micro Tracker can be used to track Segways by attaching the tracker directly to the Segway. View the location of the Segway through Google Maps and track the location live on either a phone or computer.

OBD Y Cable

The Y Cable is an additional accessory for the OBD Tracker and is used to conceal the tracker, while keeping the port open at the same time.

Installation can be completed within minutes and requires no professional installation. Just pop out the original OBD port, replace the port with one of the female ends, plug the original OBD port into the male end, and finally plug the last female end into the OBD tracker.

Micro Tracker Accessories

The Micro Tracker has the following optional accessories, which can be purchased for an additional fee.

The magnetic clip is a strong magnet that attaches the Micro Tracker to the top side of the frame of a vehicle. The magnet just clips onto the Micro Tracker and takes seconds to connect.

The extended battery will extend the battery life of the Micro Tracker to up to six months. The battery is a waterproof case and connects the Micro Tracker with a micro usb cable.

The extended battery has a strong magnet on the base, which can be used to attach to the top side of the frame of a vehicle.

The Cigarette Lighter Charger is used to keep the Micro Tracker charged through the vehicle. Just plug the charger into the Cigarette Lighter jack of the car and connect the other end to the Micro Tracker.

The Hard Wire Power Kit is used to connect the Micro Tracker to the battery of any vehicle.

The Hard Wire Power Kit keeps the Micro Tracker constantly charged eliminating the need to recharge the device.

Micro Tracker

The Micro Tracker is a portable tracking device that provides two and a half weeks of battery life and has a motion sensor. The GPS Tracker provides the exact locations through an easy to use interface using Google Maps. The Micro Tracker is  water resistant and the battery is rechargeable. The device has a built in sim card and can be placed anywhere inside or outside a vehicle.

The Micro Tracker can also be placed on assets such as jewelry to protect your valuables.