Monthly Archives: December 2013

Magnetic Pelican Case

GPS Tracking Tracker has a brand new magnetic case, which is used to secure the Spark Nano 3 TT8850 Micro Tracker to any magnetic surface. The pelican case is waterproof and has a strong magnet on the base of the case. This is the latest accessory and a viable alternative to GPS Tracking Tracker’s GL 200 300 magnetic clip.

Fleet Tracking

Keep track of employee vehicles with fleet tracking by GPS Tracking Tracker. Track all your employees under one account directly through the Google Maps interface. GPS Tracking Tracker makes it simple to keep track of fleets so you can see how much mileage employees use as well as the routes they take. Contact GPS Tracking Tracker for more information.

Magnetic GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking Tracker has a magnetic clip that attaches to the base of the Micro Tracker and is used to attach the Micro Tracker to any magnetic surface. The magnetic clip can be used to attach the Micro Tracker to the top side of the frame of a vehicle. The magnetic clip installs within seconds and is an additional accessory not included with the Micro Tracker. Increase the versatility of the Micro Tracker with our magnetic clip.

GPS Tracker to Protect Valuables

The Micro Tracker is a portable device that can be used to protect your valuables such as jewelry, antiques, and paintings. The Micro Tracker can be concealed in a small bag that will notify you when jewelry is moved from show to show. Text messages and/or emails can be configured to notify you of any alerts that you would like to be notified of. The Micro Tracker is the perfect tool to track all of your assets.

Micro Tracker