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GPS Trackers: What you Need to Know

How GPS Tracking Systems and Tracking Portal Work

People buy GPS trackers for all sorts of reasons. What they do not know is that GPS tracking systems are not the same.   It is easy to argue that as long as your gps tracker works just fine, nothing else matters. Nothing can be further from the truth than such an argument. Understanding how your gps tracker works and the system it uses will help you to know where your money goes into and if you are getting value for it.   Other key advantages include:


Easy Fleet Management

Fleet managers often have a hard time of ensuring their drivers are always disciplined when using company vehicles.  With a good gps tracker, it will be easy to keep a driver from over speeding. This will in turn save money and fuel as over speeding consumes lots of fuel. The tracker will also ensure that a driver does not use the vehicle for his or her side businesses.


Asset Tracking


Knowing the whereabouts of your assets can give you the peace of mind that your assets are safe and will reach their destination.  All you need to do is to ensure that the asset you are tracking is linked to a GPS tracking portal that will always give you regular updates of where you asset is.  This could be minute by minute updates, or as many people prefer, half an hour updates.   Remember to choose a convenient mode of alter. SMS and email alerts are common. You can use both or stick with one that is convenient for you.


Quality Devices

All GPS tracking companies will tell you that their GPS tracking devices are good and of high quality. They will then try to grab your attention more by telling you they use high technology tracking systems and advanced tracking portals. All these can only confuse rather than help you.  While quality GPS tracking systems may include all these things, it is still easy for GPS tracking companies to miss out on one important factor; water resistant value tracking GPS systems.


GPS Tracking Systems and Tracking Portal for Pets

It sounds funny, but there are GPS tracking systems meant for pets.  You only need to attach it to your dog’s collar or harness and rest easy that you will always track where your dog is. A pet’s gps tracker is not different from other trackers. If anything, it comes complete with a tracking portal which will update you constantly.


Choose the Right Company

It is not enough to just have a gps tracker on your assets. Make sure that the company giving you the GPS services is reliable. At the end of the day, you want to have the peace of mind that your property is where you want it to be.  Only a good company can assure you that.


The Magnetic Clip Attachment is an additional accessory that can be purchased for the Micro GPS Tracker device.

The Magnetic Clip Attachment fits right onto the Micro GPS Tracking device and can secure it to any magnetic surface.  The Magnetic Clip Attachment keeps the Micro GPS Tracker open and visible to the eye, therefore it is water resistant but not completely water repellent.  The magnetic clip can be attached underneath a car passenger seat to the metal bar, inside of the glove box, center console, or in the trunk of the car where there is exposed metal.  A place that is overlooked in the trunk is the area surrounding the spare tire.  The spare tire is rarely seen and has many areas that can aide in the hiding of the Micro GPS Tracking device when pair with the Magnetic Clip Attachment.  This gives you peace of mine when attempting to track your newly driving teenagers, or the sometimes forgetful elderly.

The Magnetic Clip Attachment is also ideal for attaching the Micro GPS Tracker to the top side of the frame underneath the car.  Make sure it is secure and will not fall off, and you can have the device on the outside of the car where it is unnoticeable and can be tracked with our software.  The Micro GPS Tracker Software is easy to use and requires no downloading.  It can be accessed via Desktop, Laptop, IPhone, Android, IPad, Tablet or any Windows or Mac device.

When you log into our GPS tracking software you have many options for your tracking needs.  You can get a report for up to a year of events with the tracker including speeds, maps, motion detection and latitude and longitude.  You can set up perimeters for restricted zones, safe zones, or common zones which will alert you via SMS or email when entered or exited from.  You can see updates of the device every 5 minutes or every minute to see the exact location of the GPS Tracker; and all of this can be seen on a map, just like with Google Maps which includes Satellite and Street Views.

The Magnetic Clip Attachment is a great Accessory for the Micro GPS Tracker.  It gives you the option to attach the Micro Tracker to any magnetic surface including a car or boat.  Our GPS Software is only $29.95 per month with no contracts (With a $59.95 activation fee).

Extended Battery

The extended battery is an additional accessory for the Micro GPS Tracker that will extend the battery life for to up to six months.

The Extended Battery comes in a magnetic case and holds the Micro GPS Tracker.  The strong 50 lb. magnet base holds the case and its contents to any magnetic metal surface, securely.  The Extended Battery lasts for up to 6 months and comes with a charger for easy revival.  The Extended Battery Case is water resistant, so it is ideal for extreme weather conditions such as snow, sleet and rain.  You can place the case on a car or boat for quick and easy tracking of your assets.

With the extended battery, you are able to get tracking updates every minute or every five minutes.  The Micro GPS Tracker nests right into the case and is protected from weather and force.  The case is black, so it is very inconspicuous when attached to the frame of the vehicle.  This is perfect if you do not have access to the inside of the car and if you need a constant charge on the Micro GPS Tracker.  The extended battery takes the two and a half week life span of the Micro GPS Tracker and increases it to six months.  You can monitor the battery life straight from the Tracking Portal and see when it gets low, so that you can recharge it.

The extended battery allows for all of the same features as the Micro GPS Tracker alone including Breadcrumb Trails, Fleet Tracking, Hybrid and Satellite Views, and so much more.  You do not need to download the software and it can be accessed from any Windows, Mac, Iphone, Android, Smartphone, IPad or virtually any tablet.  Use this software to keep an eye out on teenagers, spouses, employees, the elderly or all of your valuables.  The Micro GPS Tracker has a $59.95 activation fee and a monthly service fee of $29.95 that can be cancelled at any time.  We do not make you sign into any contracts, so you are free to track whenever you would like.

Get the extended battery case with your purchase of a Micro GPS Tracker and know that your valuables are safe and secure.  The ease of a six month battery life is easy, available and just a click away.  The extended battery case measures 5.43″ x 4.06″ x 2.12” and is available on our website.