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GL 200 vs GL 300

The Micro Tracker has two models including the GL 200 and the GL 300. The GL 200 is actually a better product and has a longer battery life. The GL 200 is accurate and can last for up to two and a half weeks. The GL 300′s battery isn’t as powerful and will last for about a few days. Both devices are water resistant and have a motion sensor. They are very similar products, but the main area of difference is the battery life. The GL 200 is designed to last longer and is even smaller than the GL 300.

Motorcycle Hard Wire GPS

The Micro Tracker has the ability to be hard wired into a motorcycle. It is an additional accessory that will keep the GPS tracker charged and you will always be able to track the location of your bike. Even configure alerts to notify you by text or email whenever the motorcycle is moved. The GPS tracker will also keep track of the miles per hour as well as provide a full breadcrumb trail.

Hard Wire Kit