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White GL 200 GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking Tracker has a new model of the GL 200, which comes in white. The GPS Tracker has all the same features as the black GL 200, but is white, which is perfect to blend in on a lighter colored car. The white GL 200 can be purchased from both Amazon as well as Ebay from the link below.

Spy Spot GL 200 Spark Nano Enduro Pro Personal GPS Tracker

Link to purchase White GL 200:

Amazon: White GL 200 Amazon

Ebay:     White GL 200 Ebay

Brand new GL 300 on Amazon

The GL 300 is the latest GPS Tracker and is available on the Amazon website. Purchase the tracker directly from Amazon. The GL 300 is very similar to the GL 200 just looks a little different. It uses the same software and features long term battery life.

Spy Spot Investigations GL 300 GPS Tracker Spark Nano 4.0 Portable Locator GSM GL-300 spy gps tracker

Link to purchase product: GL 300 on Amazon