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Heavy Equipment Tracking

The Micro Tracker is the ideal GPS Tracker offered by GPS Tracking Tracker in order to track heavy equipment. The Micro Tracker can be used to track heavy equipment such as a backhoe, front end loader, or even a generator. The GPS Tracker comes equipped with a built in motion sensor so text/email alerts can be configured if a piece of heavy equipment is moved. This allows companies as well as individuals to always know where their equipment is and ensure that nothing gets stolen. The Micro Tracker Tracks in real time, which makes it easy to pull up a phone or computer to keep track of the equipment.

Real Location

Breadcrumb Trail

The GPS Tracking portal provides a full breadcrumb trail, which is a visual display of the all events report. The breadcrumb trail provides a start and finish point from any selected time. The breadcrumb trail will show all the events within that time period including any stops, motion detection, and more. The user is able to designate the types of events that the breadcrumb trail will display. The breadcrumb trail may be viewed from any tablet as well such as an iPad.

Breadcrumb Trail


Spy Spot Vehiculo Tracker en Español

El OBD Tracker es un vehículo Tracker GPS en tiempo real que proporciona actualizaciones cada minuto y se conecta al puerto OBD 2 del vehículo . El OBD Rastreador instala en cuestión de segundos y se puede ver desde cualquier teléfono, tablet o computadora. Este video explica cómo el OBD Rastreador de obras, así como el software de seguimiento GPS.