Monthly Archives: November 2014

Black Friday Sale off all latest GPS Trackers

Spy Spot is hosting a Black Friday sale online with 25% off all the latest real time GPS Trackers. The sale includes the portable Micro Tracker, OBD Tracker, and Hardwire Tracker. The sale also includes all the accessories for GPS Trackers.

Hard Wire Tracker Installation

The Hard Wire Tracker can be manually installed and the following diagram will provide a detailed instruction guide on how to install the hard wire tracker with the kill switch. The installation can be completed in about an hour, but professional installation may be the desired option. The hard wire GPS Tracker can be installed at any local Best Buy or at any audio shop for a nominal fee. Please check your surrounding area as well as the list of Authorized Installers on GPS Tracking Tracker’s website.


Using GPS to Track Containers

The portable Micro Tracker can be used to track containers, which allows employees to more profitably run a business. The GPS Tracking software will provide alerts when the containers arrive safely to the location. Alerts can also be configured to notify employees when containers are moved or tampered with. Containers are often used to transport cargo so the use of the Micro Tracker will provide vital information of the transport. The Micro Tracker lasts up to two and a half weeks on a single charge and has a rechargeable battery. The Micro Tracker has an additional magnetic clip or magnetic pelican case, which can be used to attach to a magnetic surface on any shipping container. Tracking is simple and requires no installation using the easy to use GPS Tracking software.