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Private Investigators Using GPS Trackers

Real time GPS Trackers can be used by Private Investigators to simplify locating individuals. Different states have unique laws regarding GPS Tracking so it is important to check with your state laws before purchasing a GPS Tracker. Any Private Investigator knows that it is difficult to follow someone for long periods of time without losing their location. The use of a GPS Tracker can simplify the investigation by providing the investigator with the location in the event that they lose the client while following them. GPS Trackers can save time and money by beginning the investigation once the client reaches a certain location.

Again it is very important to check with state laws before purchasing a unit, but GPS Tracking Tracker offers a portable Micro Tracker, which is perfect for Private Investigators. The Micro Tracker can be placed on the outside of a vehicle with the optional magnetic clip and the location can be tracked from any phone or computer. The Micro Tracker can be configured to provide updates every minute and will last up to six days on a single charge.

Micro Tracker

Boat Tracking

GPS Tracking Tracker’s Micro Tracker can be used to track boats. The Micro Tracker has a weather resistant design, but additional accessories include a weatherproof pelican case as well as a 6 month extended battery that comes inside a pelican case. The Micro Tracker’s battery without the case lasts for about two and a half weeks. The Micro Tracker has a built in motion sensor and can be tracked from any phone or computer using the easy to use software. The software uses the Google Maps interface and will show the location right on the map and can be zoomed in for satellite view. The GPS Tracking software stores up to 6 months of history and alerts can be configured via text/or email to notify the user of any motion detection events or if the boat reaches a certain area. Worldwide tracking available with a local 2G SIM card.

Extended Battery



Satellite View and Street View

GPS Tracking Tracker’s different GPS Trackers provide real time tracking that can be viewed in both satellite mode and street mode. Satellite view will allow the user to zoom in on buildings and other landmarks to better pinpoint the area where the tracker is located.

Satellite Zoom In


Street view allows the user to receive a street level view of the location using the easy to use software. Just click the yellow man when in Dashboard view and drag him right onto the location. The Google Maps interface will provide a street view, which will better pinpoint the exact location.

Street View


Car Charger for Micro GL 200 and GL 300

The GPS car charger is an additional accessory that works for both the GL 200 and the GL 300. The car charger will be able to keep the GPS Tracker charged directly through the cigarette lighter jack of the vehicle. This port is usually located in the front of the vehicle, but can also be found in the trunk. The car charger will ensure that the GPS Tracker always stay charged and provides a viable solution for on the go charging.