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Information for International Activations

GPS Tracking Tracker’s GPS Trackers work all over the world with a local 2G SIM card. We recommend that you obtain a 2G SIM card with a minimum of a 500 mb data plan. United States territories such as Puerto Rico do not require an international SIM card since the provided SIM card will work all over the United States. The information that is required for the 2G SIM card includes the following:

SIM card number:

SIM Card Phone Number:


APN Username (if required):

APN Password (If Required)

You may fill out this information right on the website when activating an international unit or you may email us at

Surveillance Systems

GPS Tracking Tracker’s subdivision Spy Spot offers security cameras and are able to install them throughout South Florida. Spy Spot has different types of security cameras including a fire alarm camera, motion sensor camera, vandalproof ir dome camera, and more. Each camera is wired into a DVR system with or without a hard drive that stores all of the recording time. The DVR system is then hooked into a monitor so each camera can be viewed right from the screen. With an internet connection, the cameras can be configured to hook into the wireless network so they can be viewed from any smart phone or computer. Cameras are available up to 1000 TV lines and each camera has night vision as well as audio. Cameras can be purchased directly from the Spy Spot website or purchased in store at the Deerfield Beach location. Please contact us at (561) 279-3939 for more information.

Private Investigation Academy South Florida

GPS Tracking Tracker’s sub company Spy Spot Investigations has started up a Private Investigation Academy in South Florida. The class is aimed at teaching individuals the skills and tools necessary to become a Private Investigator. The class focuses on several different areas including:

  • Spy Equipment
  • Surveillance
  • Report Writing
  • License Requirements
  • Preparation for Exam
  • And More

Please contact us to enroll today and to learn more information about the Academy. 

How to Configure Text/Email Alerts for GPS Tracking Software

In order to configure text and email alerts, first log into the account. Click on Manage > Account Level Alert Contacts < Add New Contact. From there type in a name for the “Contact Name”. Type in an email address for an email alert or MMS address for a text alert. Consult with your phone provider to find out the correct MMS Address. For example, ATT has an MMS address of Check off each notification that you would like to be notified of. You may select the notifications for anytime or during the work week only. Click the Submit button and click the test it button to make sure the alerts go through. Please contact us at (561) 279-3939 if you need any further assistance.