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GPS Tracking Tracker Customer Service

GPS Tracking Tracker prides itself on its excellent customer service. Customer service is always standing by to answer questions and outside of business hours GPS Tracking Tracker has an answering service. Just leave a message with the answering service and a GPS Tracking Tracker representative will contact you immediately the next business day. Customer service representatives will work with you to make the installation of the GPS Tracker as well as the actual service as painless as possible. They understand that some people may not be as computer literate as others, so representatives will be able to assist with any problems that you may have. Please contact us today and a customer representative will be able to assist with your GPS device.

Using GPS Tracker to Track Mileage

The GPS Tracking software can be used to track the mileage of a vehicle. The GPS Tracker will keep track of all the start and stop locations, which is perfect for a fleet. The Tracking software will provide the total mileage driven for a set amount of time. The user can track the mileage daily, weekly, monthly or any given time using the easy to use calendar. This will help in allowing businesses to conserve gas by eliminating routes that use excessive mileage.

In order to track the mileage of a vehicle, just click reports and click start/stop. This will display the total stops for a given time as well as the mileage traveled. This will only work with the OBD Tracker or the Hard Wire Tracker. If you are using the Micro Tracker, you can click Reports > Motion Start/Stop and it will give you a report of the amount of time that the vehicle was in motion and when it stopped.

Using a GPS Tracker to Track Children on Vacation

The portable Micro Tracker is a real time GPS Tracker that can be used to track children when travelling. The GPS Tracker is an ideal solution for travel spots such as Disney World, museums, or other areas that a child can get lost. The Micro Tracker is small enough to fit inside a child’s pocket or inside a backpack. It is able to hold a battery life of up to two and a half weeks and even has a panic button on the side of the unit. The panic button can be pressed by the child and a text message/email will be sent to the parent or caregiver of an emergency. The text message will show the location of the child. Technology such as the Micro Tracker can provide a parent peace of mind while ensuring their child’s safety.

The GPS Tracking software can be accessed from any phone, tablet, or computer. The software has a monthly service of $24.95 which can be paid month to month. It will provide the location of the child using a Google Maps interface, satellite view, or street view. The Micro Tracker can even be configured to provide text/email alerts such as if the child enters or exits a certain area, low battery of the device, and more. Contact us today at (561) 279-3939 for more information or to place an order.

Drone Tracking

GPS Tracking Tracker’s Micro Tracker can be used to track drones. Drones can cost thousands of dollars so it is important to protect your investment in case the device gets stolen or goes missing. Drones are becoming increasingly popular so using GPS Tracking Tracker’s Micro Tracker, it can be secured right on the drone. GPS Tracking Tracker offers a magnetic pelican case or a magnetic clip which can be used to attach to the Micro Tracker. The Micro Tracker’s battery lasts for two and a half weeks and can be recharged through a wall outlet. The pelican case is a weatherproof case that can withstand snow and rain.

The GPS Tracking software will provide information such as the miles per hour, exact location, street view, breadcrumb trail, and more. The software can be viewed from any computer, tablet, or smart phone. Multiple drones may be configured underneath the same account and each drone can be provided a name to make tracking easier. Text/email alerts may be configured to notify the user of any motion or of any other alerts. The monthly service costs $24.95 per month (month to month subscription) and has a one time Activation fee of $44.95.