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GPS Tracking for Motorcycle

The Hard Wire GPS Tracker is the ideal GPS Tracking solution to track a motorcycle. The Hard Wire Tracker is hardwired onto the bike and will provide updates every minute. This allows the user to check to see if the motorcycle is ever stolen and to have a constant update on its location. The Hard Wire Tracker also features a kill switch, which allows the user to remotely disable the ignition from any location. This is a useful feature for any thefts or unwanted access to the bike.

Hard Wire GPS Tracker & Kill Switch







The GPS Tracking software will provide real time updates, which can be viewed from a computer, smart phone, or tablet device. The software will provide a satellite view as well as a street view. Reports store up to six months of history and will provide the miles per hour, location, as well as coordinates. Multiple units may be configured underneath the same account and the bike may be tracked all over the world with a local 2G SIM card.


Weather Conditions for GPS Tracking

The portable Micro Tracker is the most ideal portable tracking solution, but customers may be nervous about extreme weather conditions such as heat or freezing temperatures. The magnetic pelican case is a weatherproof case that can be used to house the Micro Tracker. The magnetic pelican case is an insulated case that can withstand freezing temperatures as well as conditions such as snow and rain. The GPS Tracker is locked inside the case and the case features a magnet at the base. The pelican case can also withstand extreme heat conditions which is perfect to use in desert areas such as Arizona or Nevada. The magnetic pelican case will prevent moisture damage as well as other damage that may be caused from weather conditions.


Weather Proof Magnetic Case

Food Truck GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Tracker’s real time GPS Trackers can be used to track the location of food trucks real time on a map. Food trucks have the ability to embed a map on their website that shows their location to potential customers. Customers can then go onto the website to see the current location of the food truck. Food trucks often find it difficult to advertise their location, which can lead to a decrease in sales. Having a GPS Tracker can lead to new customers and simplify advertising.

The Micro Tracker or OBD Tracker are ideal tracking solutions for a food truck. Just place the device on a food truck and track the location from any phone or computer. The GPS Tracker can even be configured to notify users by text message and/or email when the food truck is in their area. Take advantage of this GPS Tracking opportunity by contacting us today.

Brand New Dashboard Camera for Vehicle

The HD Dashboard Camera is a new product offered from Spy Spot. The HD Dashboard Camera records in full high definition and records both video and audio. The Dash Cam can either be activated by motion or records continuously. No software is required and files may be played back directly on the device itself or through any computer. The Dash Cam has a wide angle and features night vision. Just plug into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle and mount onto the windshield for simple recording. The device also has a backup battery that can record for about an hour of continuous video.