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Using GPS for Pet Tracking

The Micro Tracker can be used for pet tracking. Pet tracking is using a GPS Tracker to monitor the location of your pet. The Micro Tracker is about the size of a matchbox and weighs less than a pound. It is the ideal tracking solution to place on a larger pet such as a larger dog. It can be attached to the pet’s collar and then tracked online using a phone, tablet or computer. Pets often go missing, so the portable Micro Tracker can provide peace of mind knowing that your pet is in a safe location.

The Micro Tracker can be tracked online and will show the exact location where the pet is. Perimeters may even be configured that serve as an electric fence, but without the shock that is given to an animal. The perimeter can be configured to notify the user by text message and/or email if their pet leaves the house or restricted area. This way the pet can be tracked down immediately afterwards. Monthly tracking cost is $24.95 with a one time Activation fee of $44.95. Contact us today for more information.

How to Use the Kill Switch Feature on the Hard Wire Tracker

The Kill Switch is an additional accessory that comes with the Hard Wire GPS Tracker. The Kill Switch is simple to install and can be installed at any local audio shop or can be installed by a car mechanic. The Kill Switch allows the user to remotely disable the ignition of the vehicle from any location using a phone, tablet, or computer. The Kill Switch can be attached to any type of vehicle such as an automobile, motorcycle, or even a boat. It just gets hard wired into the vehicle.

It is simple to access the Kill Switch feature using GPS Tracking Tracker’s software. Once logged into the software, click on “Views” and then click on “Online Control”. Then you can either select Ignition On or Ignition Off depending on the state of the kill switch. It takes about 20 seconds for the request to process and then the process can be reversed immediately after.

Kill Switch

Why Use the GL 300 Compared to Other Portable Trackers

The GL 300 has several features that make it an improvement over other GPS Trackers on the market. Other competing brands offer GPS Trackers that have to be retrieved and later plugged into a computer to view everything that happened. These are the types of devices you will find that don’t require a monthly service. The benefit of the GL 300 is that the monthly service offered is at a highly discounted rate of $24.95 and with bulk purchases is even further discounted. The GL 300 provides real time live tracking allowing the user to use a phone or computer to track the location. The GL 300 also has an outstanding battery life of up to two and a half weeks whereas other GPS Trackers typically last a little less than a week. The versatility of the GL 300 allows it to be programmed for minute updates, three minute updates, or five minute updates using the easy to use software.


The features of the tracking portal surpass all other GPS Trackers on the market. The tracking portal allows the user to receive a street view, satellite view, breadcrumb trail, and hybrid view. The user may also receive up to six months of report history and can even set up perimeters for the GL 300. Text/email alerts may be configured to notify the user of events such as low battery, enter/exit perimeter, and motion detected. The GL 300 is one of the most advanced GPS Trackers on the market even surpassing the Micro Tracker GL 200. Order the GL 300 to take advantage of the many features that this device offers.

Elderly Tracking

GPS Tracking Tracker’s real time Micro Tracker can be used to track seniors. Seniors suffering from dementia and alzheimer’s can be tracked in order to prevent seniors from wandering off and getting lost. The Micro Tracker is a portable tracker that is small enough to fit inside a pocket or attach to a belt. Seniors can wear the Micro Tracker and the caregiver can then track the location using any phone or computer. The Micro Tracker has to be charged every two weeks and is about the size of a matchbox.

The GPS Tracking software can be tracked using any smart phone, tablet, or computer. The tracking software will provide information such as the location, breadcrumb trail, satellite view, street view, and more. The software can also be configured to notify the caregiver via text message/email if an elderly member wanders off. The message is sent instantaneous so that way the caregiver can locate the elderly member instantly. Contact us today for more information.