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City Tracking Using GPS Trackers

City tracking involves the use of real time GPS Trackers for city owned vehicles. City tracking can include the tracking of vehicles such as snow plows during the winter months as well as city owned buses. GPS Tracking Tracker offers discounted rates for city tracking and can be contacted for a full price quote. GPS Tracking Tracker carries the portable Micro Tracker, OBD Tracker, and Hard Wire Tracker, which can all be used for real time tracking. Each GPS Tracker can be tracked using a phone, tablet, or computer.

The GPS Tracking software allows multiple units to be tracked underneath one account. This makes it simple for the city administrator to manage all the city vehicles using one account. Text/email alerts may be configured to notify the administrator or events such as when a vehicle arrives at a certain location or when the battery runs low. Each GPS Tracker can be configured for minute updates and tracked in real time using the easy to use software. The discounted rates apply to city tracking for both the monthly service fee as well as the Activation fee.

Employee Time GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Tracker’s portable trackers can be used to track employees while they are on the clock. Employees can carry the portable GPS Trackers on their possession and turn them on when they arrive at work. Once they clock out of work they can turn the devices off, so they won’t be tracked while away from the office. The portable GPS Trackers are real time trackers that can be used to better manage employees to make sure they are completing their activities. Employers can track the location using any phone or computer and can view all the units underneath one account.

The GPS Tracking software will provide information such as the coordinates, location, miles per hour, breadcrumb trail, and more. The tracking software stores up to six months of report history and can be monitored in real time using the easy to use software. The portable trackers will notify the employer if the device is turned off, which will prevent employees from turning the unit off while on the clock. Text/email alerts may be configured for the devices. The tracking service costs $24.95 per month, which can be paid on a month to month basis. The only other fee is a one time Activation fee of $44.95.

4-6 Week Extended Battery GL 200-GL 300

GPS Tracking Tracker has a new extended battery pack that can be purchased by contacting us directly at (561) 279-3939. The battery pack lasts up to 4-6 weeks on a single charge and comes inside a pelican case. The new extended battery pack is smaller than the extended battery case, but a little bigger than the weatherproof pelican case. This is a middle option for the customer that thinks the extended battery case is too large, but who also wants to improve the battery life of the Micro Tracker. Contact us today to place an order. The new battery pack retails for $99.00.

Repossession Vehicle Tracking

Repo men can use the portable Micro Tracker to track a vehicle that is scheduled for repossession. It can be difficult to locate a vehicle that is scheduled for repossession so the use of a GPS Tracker simplifies the process. Just place the portable Micro Tracker on the target vehicle and track its whereabouts using any phone, computer, or tablet device. The GPS Tracker can be tracked in real time and can even be configured to provide minute updates. The Micro Tracker is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and lasts for two and a half weeks on a single charge.

The tracking software is easy to use and will provide information such as the miles per hour, exact location, street view, breadcrumb trail, satellite view, and more. Multiple units can be configured underneath the same account allowing multiple repossessions at once. Text/email alerts may be configured to notify the repo man once the vehicle enters or exits a certain area. It is important to check with state and local laws regarding the use of GPS Trackers prior to purchase. It is recommended to consult with a lawyer in order to prevent any legal issues.

Using GPS Trackers to Track Sports Equipment

Sports equipment items may go missing as a part of transporting expensive equipment whether it is for a practice or an an actual game. Golf clubs are expensive equipment as well as other items such as bowling balls or baseball bats. The portable Micro Tracker is a small GPS Tracker that is small enough to fit inside a bag carrying equipment and can be tracked on a smart phone or computer. Sports equipment can be very expensive so with a portable GPS Tracker, you can ensure that expensive equipment won’t go missing. The Micro Tracker lasts for two and a half weeks on a single charge and features a rechargeable battery. The extended battery pack may be purchased as well to extend the battery life of the Micro Tracker to up to six months.

GPS Tracking software requires no installation and allows the equipment to be tracked in real time. Sports equipment is often transported from one location to another and allows the owner to monitor the equipment right on their phone. Even configure the GPS Tracking software to notify the owner by text message and/or email anytime the equipment arrives at its location. The GPS Tracking software is user friendly and multiple units can be added underneath one account. Worldwide tracking also available which can be convenient for international organizations such as FIFA and FIBA. Contact GPS Tracking Tracker today for more information.