GPS Tracking Worldwide

GPS Tracking Tracker provides worldwide tracking solutions including the portable Micro Tracker, OBD Tracker, and Hard Wire Tracker. Each tracker can be used to track around the world with a 2G SIM card and a minimum 500 MB data plan. Each GPS Tracker can be configured with the 2G SIM card and has a monthly service of $25.00. Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are both considered United States territories, so no SIM card is needed for those areas. Worldwide tracking can be configured in all areas around the world including Canada, Brazil, Australia, and more.

Multiple units may be configured underneath the same account using worldwide tracking. Worldwide tracking will allow the user to view the exact location, satellite view, street view, breadcrumb trail, and stores 6 months of history. Zoom in and out using the easy to use Google Maps interface and even configure the device to notify the user by text message and/or email of several different events. Contact us today to be provided a price quote on a bulk purchase.

Worldwide Tracking


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