How to Use the Kill Switch Feature on the Hard Wire Tracker

The Kill Switch is an additional accessory that comes with the Hard Wire GPS Tracker. The Kill Switch is simple to install and can be installed at any local audio shop or can be installed by a car mechanic. The Kill Switch allows the user to remotely disable the ignition of the vehicle from any location using a phone, tablet, or computer. The Kill Switch can be attached to any type of vehicle such as an automobile, motorcycle, or even a boat. It just gets hard wired into the vehicle.

It is simple to access the Kill Switch feature using GPS Tracking Tracker’s software. Once logged into the software, click on “Views” and then click on “Online Control”. Then you can either select Ignition On or Ignition Off depending on the state of the kill switch. It takes about 20 seconds for the request to process and then the process can be reversed immediately after.

Kill Switch

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