OBD Tracker Fast and Simple Tracking Solution

The OBD Tracker literally installs within seconds and is able to install in any vehicle manufactured after 1996. Whether you aren’t technology savvy or know nothing about vehicles, the OBD Tracker is so simple to install that it just involves plug and play. The OBD 2 port is normally found right underneath the steering wheel so the OBD Tracker just plugs right into the port. There is no need to use any tools, but instead it just plugs directly into the port and can then be tracked real time using a phone or computer.

The real time tracking software is easy to use and can be viewed directly from a smart phone. The tracking software will provide information such as the miles per hour, exact location, street view, breadcrumb trail, satellite view, six month history, ignition on/off, and more. Text/email alerts may even be configured each time the vehicle is turned on or arrives at a certain location. This can be an ideal tracking solution for fleets since multiple units can be monitored underneath the same account.



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