GPS Tracking for Autistic Children

In a recent news story, two parents in Long Island won a fight with local schools in order for their kids to be able to wear GPS Tracking devices to class. According to NBC news, both children wandered from home or school 14 times in two years. The use of a GPS Tracker enables the parents to monitor their children’s location right from a smart phone or computer. Whether you are a concerned parent interested in protecting a loved one or a caregiver, GPS Trackers may be the right solution.

GPS Tracking Tracker offers the portable Micro Tracker, which is a real time GPS Tracker. The Micro Tracker has two and a half weeks of battery life and can be tracked using any computer, tablet, or smart phone. The software is easy to use and can even be configured for text/email notifications. Perimeters can be setup which can notify a parent when their child arrives to school and leaves school. These features make the Micro Tracker a must have for a concerned parent looking to protect their children.

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