New 3G Real Time Tracker and Mini Battery

GPS Tracking Tracker is offering its brand new 3G GPS Tracker along with a one month miniature extended battery at a discounted price. The 3G Tracker and mini extended batteryare currently on sale on Amazon at the discounted price of $229.00. The 3G GPS Tracker contains all the same features of the Micro Tracker except it runs off of the 3G network as opposed to the 2G network. This allows for a stronger cellular signal and less signal interruptions. The 3G GPS Tracker can be tracked using any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

3G GL 300 Real Time GPS Tracker With Mini Case and Extended Battery


The miniature extended battery is a weatherproof case that features a magnet at the base. The 3G GPS Tracker is placed inside the case and can then be attached to any magnetic surface. The mini extended battery is weatherproof so it can withstand precipitation such as rain and snow. The battery is rechargeable and depending on the interval updates, can extend the battery life of the 3G Tracker to up to two months. Visit our Amazon page in order to place an order and for more information.

Amazon Site: 3G GL 300 Real Time GPS Tracker With Mini Case and Extended Battery

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