Using Real Time GPS Trackers for Farming Equipment

Real Time GPS Trackers such as GPS Tracking Tracker’s Micro Tracker can be used to track farming equipment. CNET covered an article that shows how GPS Technology has evolved over the years and where GPS Technology is heading in relation to farming. The article states that manufacturers such as John Deere and New Holland have created self-driving tractors that can detect everything from what the machine’s doing to what the conditions of the crop are. Farmers can monitor progress through their iPads without actually being in front of the crop. Combined with the use of camera technology and GPS Trackers, farming has become a relatively simpler process.

GPS Tracking Tracker’s real time GPS Trackers can aid in the tracking of farming equipment by helping to prevent theft of equipment. Farming equipment can be very expensive, so placing a GPS Tracker on expensive equipment will ensure that the equipment remains safe and isn’t tampered with. If the equipment is ever stolen, the GPS software can be configured to provide a text/email alert to the farmer of the theft. They can then pinpoint the location of where the equipment is and notify the authorities if necessary.

The Micro Tracker has up to two and half weeks of battery life on a single charge, but other accessories such as the mini extended battery or the 4 month extended battery can extend the battery life. The extended batteries come inside a weatherproof pelican case so they can withstand conditions such as rain, snow, mud, and other conditions prevalent with farming. Multiple units can be added underneath one account, which allows multiple pieces of equipment to be tracked. Insure your equipment remains safe with GPS Tracking Tracker’s GPS Trackers. Contact us today for a price quote on multiple pieces of equipment.

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