Using Real Time GPS Trackers to Prevent Shoplifting

In a recent incident at New Port Richey, Florida, shoplifters attempted to steal a pair of jeans from a Saks on Fifth store. The thieves were caught due to GPS Tracking. The store placed a GPS Tracking device inside one of the pairs of stolen jeans so once the jeans got stolen, employees were able to track the location of the stolen merchandise in real time. They alerted the authorities and the cops were able to intercept the vehicle on the corner of an intersection in Florida. The cops recovered all of the stolen merchandise which included over $1500 from the store as well as stolen merchandise from other stores. This is one way that an investment in GPS Tracking saved the company money. Without the GPS Tracking device in place, most likely the stolen merchandise would have never been located.

GPS Tracking Tracker offers real time GPS Tracking devices that can be used by stores to track their merchandise. The portable Micro Tracker is about the size of a matchbox and fits in the palm of your hand. It can discretely be attached to an article of clothing or even placed inside of a box. GPS Tracking Tracker’s software allows the unit to be tracked using any smart phone, tablet or computer. The Micro Tracker has a built in motion sensor in place so if the merchandise is moved, text/email alerts can be configured to notify the user. It also has the option of geofencing so if the merchandise ever leaves the store you can receive a text/email. Discounted rates do apply for large purchases. Protect your valuables today with GPS Tracking Tracker’s real time GPS Tracking devices.

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