The Magnetic Clip Attachment is an additional accessory that can be purchased for the Micro GPS Tracker device.

The Magnetic Clip Attachment fits right onto the Micro GPS Tracking device and can secure it to any magnetic surface.  The Magnetic Clip Attachment keeps the Micro GPS Tracker open and visible to the eye, therefore it is water resistant but not completely water repellent.  The magnetic clip can be attached underneath a car passenger seat to the metal bar, inside of the glove box, center console, or in the trunk of the car where there is exposed metal.  A place that is overlooked in the trunk is the area surrounding the spare tire.  The spare tire is rarely seen and has many areas that can aide in the hiding of the Micro GPS Tracking device when pair with the Magnetic Clip Attachment.  This gives you peace of mine when attempting to track your newly driving teenagers, or the sometimes forgetful elderly.

The Magnetic Clip Attachment is also ideal for attaching the Micro GPS Tracker to the top side of the frame underneath the car.  Make sure it is secure and will not fall off, and you can have the device on the outside of the car where it is unnoticeable and can be tracked with our software.  The Micro GPS Tracker Software is easy to use and requires no downloading.  It can be accessed via Desktop, Laptop, IPhone, Android, IPad, Tablet or any Windows or Mac device.

When you log into our GPS tracking software you have many options for your tracking needs.  You can get a report for up to a year of events with the tracker including speeds, maps, motion detection and latitude and longitude.  You can set up perimeters for restricted zones, safe zones, or common zones which will alert you via SMS or email when entered or exited from.  You can see updates of the device every 5 minutes or every minute to see the exact location of the GPS Tracker; and all of this can be seen on a map, just like with Google Maps which includes Satellite and Street Views.

The Magnetic Clip Attachment is a great Accessory for the Micro GPS Tracker.  It gives you the option to attach the Micro Tracker to any magnetic surface including a car or boat.  Our GPS Software is only $29.95 per month with no contracts (With a $59.95 activation fee).

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  1. Richard

    I have a question regarding your trackers for fleets. I own a rental car company and want to keep track of all my car rentals. I have a large fleet and was wondering if you offer discounted rates on large fleets? I have over 100 vehicles that need to be monitored with GPS Trackers. These GPS Trackers seem very advanced and provide all the necessary information for my vehicles. I hope to do business in the future.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes we do offer discounted rates. On a large fleet of 100 vehicles, we would be able to discount the cost of the trackers, the activation fee, and the monthly service. Please email us at for a full quote. You may also call us at (561) 279-3939.

  2. Larry

    Which of the three trackers would you recommend for a small fleet? I have about 5 Trackers that need to be monitored. I’m looking for an accurate GPS Tracker that will keep track of all my Taxi drivers. I need to make sure they aren’t running personal errands while at work.


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