GPS Tracking for Camping

The summer season is approaching and GPS Tracking Tracker’s products can be used on camping trips. The portable Micro Tracker is the perfect GPS Tracker to use on a camping trip since the battery life lasts up to two weeks and is a miniature GPS device. The battery can also be recharged through a wall outlet or the car charger can be purchased to charge it through the cigarette lighter of the vehicle. The Micro Tracker contains a built in motion sensor as well as a panic button, which is perfect for a child going away to sleepaway camp. The child would just push the button and the parent will be notified by text message and/or email of any emergency.

The software requires no installation and can be viewed from any smartphone or computer. Just create an account using the easy to use interface and view the location using Google Maps. The software allows the user to receive a street view, satellite view, breadcrumb trail as well as a one year report history. The breadcrumb trail is perfect for camping since it allows the user to see the trail that the person took once a time frame is designated. Satellite and street view will make location easy since some camping spots are difficult to locate.

Discounted rates apply for multiple units so contact GPS Tracking Tracker to place your order. The season is approaching and GPS Tracking Tracker’s solutions may be the right option for the summer season.

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