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Fleet Management GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Tracker has several types of GPS Trackers that can be used by companies to monitor employees. GPS Tracking Tracker offers the Micro Tracker, OBD Tracker, and the Hard Wire Tracker. All three units are ideal GPS Tracking devices that can be used to monitor fleets. GPS Tracking Tracker allows multiple units to be added underneath the same account. The GPS Tracking software will provide information such as the miles per hour, location, satellite view, street view, breadcrumb trail, and more. The GPS Tracking software will also provide text/email alerts which can notify the user of alerts such as perimeter notifications, motion detected, low battery and more.

Fleet management allows companies to better track their employees by knowing the exact routes they take in order to budget gas costs and save time. Employers can make sure that employees aren’t going off route and doing leisure activities on work time. Fleet Tracking also allows companies to see if a more direct route can be used in order to save time and money. Fuel management and budgeting finances are two of the main benefits of fleet tracking.

Using Real Time GPS Trackers to Prevent Shoplifting

In a recent incident at New Port Richey, Florida, shoplifters attempted to steal a pair of jeans from a Saks on Fifth store. The thieves were caught due to GPS Tracking. The store placed a GPS Tracking device inside one of the pairs of stolen jeans so once the jeans got stolen, employees were able to track the location of the stolen merchandise in real time. They alerted the authorities and the cops were able to intercept the vehicle on the corner of an intersection in Florida. The cops recovered all of the stolen merchandise which included over $1500 from the store as well as stolen merchandise from other stores. This is one way that an investment in GPS Tracking saved the company money. Without the GPS Tracking device in place, most likely the stolen merchandise would have never been located.

GPS Tracking Tracker offers real time GPS Tracking devices that can be used by stores to track their merchandise. The portable Micro Tracker is about the size of a matchbox and fits in the palm of your hand. It can discretely be attached to an article of clothing or even placed inside of a box. GPS Tracking Tracker’s software allows the unit to be tracked using any smart phone, tablet or computer. The Micro Tracker has a built in motion sensor in place so if the merchandise is moved, text/email alerts can be configured to notify the user. It also has the option of geofencing so if the merchandise ever leaves the store you can receive a text/email. Discounted rates do apply for large purchases. Protect your valuables today with GPS Tracking Tracker’s real time GPS Tracking devices.

3G OBD 2 Real Time Vehicle GPS Tracker

The 3G OBD Tracker is the latest GPS Tracker offered from Spy Spot Investigations. The 3G OBD Tracker runs off of the 3G network as opposed to the 2G network. This allows for a wider range of signal, which in turn can lead to less signal interference. The 3G OBD Tracker provides updates every minute and installs within seconds. No installation is required for the 3G OBD Tracker and just plugs in underneath the steering wheel.

The tracking portal can be accessed using any smart phone, tablet, or computer with the easy to use software. The tracking portal will provide information such as the miles per hour, location, satellite view, street view, breadcrumb trail, and more. The 3G OBD Tracker can also be configured to provide text/email alerts of any ignition on/off reports and/or perimeter notifications. The tracking portal can be accessed worldwide using worldwide SIM cards that work in multiple countries. Contact us for an estimate or for more information.

Using Real Time GPS Trackers for Farming Equipment

Real Time GPS Trackers such as GPS Tracking Tracker’s Micro Tracker can be used to track farming equipment. CNET covered an article that shows how GPS Technology has evolved over the years and where GPS Technology is heading in relation to farming. The article states that manufacturers such as John Deere and New Holland have created self-driving tractors that can detect everything from what the machine’s doing to what the conditions of the crop are. Farmers can monitor progress through their iPads without actually being in front of the crop. Combined with the use of camera technology and GPS Trackers, farming has become a relatively simpler process.

GPS Tracking Tracker’s real time GPS Trackers can aid in the tracking of farming equipment by helping to prevent theft of equipment. Farming equipment can be very expensive, so placing a GPS Tracker on expensive equipment will ensure that the equipment remains safe and isn’t tampered with. If the equipment is ever stolen, the GPS software can be configured to provide a text/email alert to the farmer of the theft. They can then pinpoint the location of where the equipment is and notify the authorities if necessary.

The Micro Tracker has up to two and half weeks of battery life on a single charge, but other accessories such as the mini extended battery or the 4 month extended battery can extend the battery life. The extended batteries come inside a weatherproof pelican case so they can withstand conditions such as rain, snow, mud, and other conditions prevalent with farming. Multiple units can be added underneath one account, which allows multiple pieces of equipment to be tracked. Insure your equipment remains safe with GPS Tracking Tracker’s GPS Trackers. Contact us today for a price quote on multiple pieces of equipment.

Theme Park GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking devices can be used in large theme parks in order to track the location of children. In large theme parks such as Disney World and Six Flags Great Adventure, it is possible for children to go missing for periods of time. With the use of a GPS Tracker, parents can keep tabs on their children and know where they are at all times. Even if a parent isn’t at the park, they can still use their phone or computer to ensure their child’s safety while in a large theme park. It is very easy for children to wander around theme parks, so GPS Trackers provide an extra layer of safety.

The portable Micro Tracker is a GPS Tracking device that can be used to track children. The child just places the device in his or her pocket or bag. The parent or caregiver can then track the child’s location using their phone or computer. They can see where they are at all times so they can make sure they don’t leave the park. Alerts may even be provided via text and/or email if the child does leave the park. A panic button is placed on the front of the device, so if a child presses that button in case of an emergency, a text message will be sent immediately to the parent or caregiver. These extra safety features make the Micro Tracker one of the most reliable GPS Trackers for children.

Contact GPS Tracking Tracker for more information and to place an order for the Micro Tracker today. Discounted rates apply for large purchases.


New 3G Real Time Tracker and Mini Battery

GPS Tracking Tracker is offering its brand new 3G GPS Tracker along with a one month miniature extended battery at a discounted price. The 3G Tracker and mini extended batteryare currently on sale on Amazon at the discounted price of $229.00. The 3G GPS Tracker contains all the same features of the Micro Tracker except it runs off of the 3G network as opposed to the 2G network. This allows for a stronger cellular signal and less signal interruptions. The 3G GPS Tracker can be tracked using any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

3G GL 300 Real Time GPS Tracker With Mini Case and Extended Battery


The miniature extended battery is a weatherproof case that features a magnet at the base. The 3G GPS Tracker is placed inside the case and can then be attached to any magnetic surface. The mini extended battery is weatherproof so it can withstand precipitation such as rain and snow. The battery is rechargeable and depending on the interval updates, can extend the battery life of the 3G Tracker to up to two months. Visit our Amazon page in order to place an order and for more information.

Amazon Site: 3G GL 300 Real Time GPS Tracker With Mini Case and Extended Battery

Brand New 3G GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking Tracker will be releasing its brand new 3G GPS Tracker early next year. No tentative release date currently exists, but we are aiming to debut the new GPS Tracker by February at the latest. Check the blog and website for periodic updates. The new 3G GPS Tracker takes advantage of the fact that 2G is slowly being phased out in certain areas. This makes old 2G GPS Trackers obsolete in the near future. 3G GPS Tracking will provide better cellular signal since it runs off of the 3G network. The GL 300 will be taking advantage of the 3G signal.