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GPS Tracking for Motorcycle

The Hard Wire GPS Tracker is the ideal GPS Tracking solution to track a motorcycle. The Hard Wire Tracker is hardwired onto the bike and will provide updates every minute. This allows the user to check to see if the motorcycle is ever stolen and to have a constant update on its location. The Hard Wire Tracker also features a kill switch, which allows the user to remotely disable the ignition from any location. This is a useful feature for any thefts or unwanted access to the bike.

Hard Wire GPS Tracker & Kill Switch







The GPS Tracking software will provide real time updates, which can be viewed from a computer, smart phone, or tablet device. The software will provide a satellite view as well as a street view. Reports store up to six months of history and will provide the miles per hour, location, as well as coordinates. Multiple units may be configured underneath the same account and the bike may be tracked all over the world with a local 2G SIM card.