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Theme Park GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking devices can be used in large theme parks in order to track the location of children. In large theme parks such as Disney World and Six Flags Great Adventure, it is possible for children to go missing for periods of time. With the use of a GPS Tracker, parents can keep tabs on their children and know where they are at all times. Even if a parent isn’t at the park, they can still use their phone or computer to ensure their child’s safety while in a large theme park. It is very easy for children to wander around theme parks, so GPS Trackers provide an extra layer of safety.

The portable Micro Tracker is a GPS Tracking device that can be used to track children. The child just places the device in his or her pocket or bag. The parent or caregiver can then track the child’s location using their phone or computer. They can see where they are at all times so they can make sure they don’t leave the park. Alerts may even be provided via text and/or email if the child does leave the park. A panic button is placed on the front of the device, so if a child presses that button in case of an emergency, a text message will be sent immediately to the parent or caregiver. These extra safety features make the Micro Tracker one of the most reliable GPS Trackers for children.

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GPS Tracking for Hikes

GPS Tracking Tracker offers the Micro Tracker, which is a portable tracking solution for activities such as hiking. Whether you are hiking with friends, family members, or strangers, it is very important to have a GPS Tracker on you to ensure your whereabouts. Long trails such as the Appalachian Trail have several areas where individuals can get lost. With the use of a GPS Tracker, the tracker can log your last known location and then transfer that data to hiking buddies or loved ones tracking your trek from home.

Many obstacles exist while hiking including hazardous weather conditions, dangerous wildlife, and difficult to navigate locations. The Micro Tracker provides a battery life of up to two and a half weeks on a single charge and can be tracked using any phone or computer. It is small enough to fit inside a backpack or pocket without weighing you down. It weighs less than a pound and provides peace of mind to both the individual wearing it and those around them. Contact us today for more information and to place an order for the Micro Tracker.

Using a GPS Tracker to Track Children on Vacation

The portable Micro Tracker is a real time GPS Tracker that can be used to track children when travelling. The GPS Tracker is an ideal solution for travel spots such as Disney World, museums, or other areas that a child can get lost. The Micro Tracker is small enough to fit inside a child’s pocket or inside a backpack. It is able to hold a battery life of up to two and a half weeks and even has a panic button on the side of the unit. The panic button can be pressed by the child and a text message/email will be sent to the parent or caregiver of an emergency. The text message will show the location of the child. Technology such as the Micro Tracker can provide a parent peace of mind while ensuring their child’s safety.

The GPS Tracking software can be accessed from any phone, tablet, or computer. The software has a monthly service of $24.95 which can be paid month to month. It will provide the location of the child using a Google Maps interface, satellite view, or street view. The Micro Tracker can even be configured to provide text/email alerts such as if the child enters or exits a certain area, low battery of the device, and more. Contact us today at (561) 279-3939 for more information or to place an order.

GPS Tracking for Camping

The summer season is approaching and GPS Tracking Tracker’s products can be used on camping trips. The portable Micro Tracker is the perfect GPS Tracker to use on a camping trip since the battery life lasts up to two weeks and is a miniature GPS device. The battery can also be recharged through a wall outlet or the car charger can be purchased to charge it through the cigarette lighter of the vehicle. The Micro Tracker contains a built in motion sensor as well as a panic button, which is perfect for a child going away to sleepaway camp. The child would just push the button and the parent will be notified by text message and/or email of any emergency.

The software requires no installation and can be viewed from any smartphone or computer. Just create an account using the easy to use interface and view the location using Google Maps. The software allows the user to receive a street view, satellite view, breadcrumb trail as well as a one year report history. The breadcrumb trail is perfect for camping since it allows the user to see the trail that the person took once a time frame is designated. Satellite and street view will make location easy since some camping spots are difficult to locate.

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