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Using a GPS Tracker for Dementia

The portable Micro Tracker is the ideal solution for individuals suffering from Dementia. It is often difficult to locate people who suffer from Dementia so the use of a GPS Tracker simplifies this issue. The elderly person would just have to carry a GPS Tracker on them at all times, which is small enough to fit inside a pocket or can even be attached to an article of clothing. The portable Micro Tracker lasts for about two and a half weeks on a single charge and features a rechargeable battery. It even has a panic button on the side so the person with Dementia can press that button to notify the caregiver of his/her location in case of an emergency.

The tracking software allows the caregiver to configure perimeters, which can be designated at the elderly member’s house, so if they leave that house they will get a text message sent directly to their phone. The caregiver may track the location at all times using any phone, tablet, or computer. The report history even stores up to six months of data so they can go back and see if the person with Dementia ended up wandering off, which they missed.

The monthly service cost for a real time GPS Tracker is $24.95 with a one time Activation fee of $44.95. The service may be paid on a month to month basis and cancelled at anytime. Contact GPS Tracking Tracker today to place an order and to receive more information.

Elderly Tracking

GPS Tracking Tracker’s real time Micro Tracker can be used to track seniors. Seniors suffering from dementia and alzheimer’s can be tracked in order to prevent seniors from wandering off and getting lost. The Micro Tracker is a portable tracker that is small enough to fit inside a pocket or attach to a belt. Seniors can wear the Micro Tracker and the caregiver can then track the location using any phone or computer. The Micro Tracker has to be charged every two weeks and is about the size of a matchbox.

The GPS Tracking software can be tracked using any smart phone, tablet, or computer. The tracking software will provide information such as the location, breadcrumb trail, satellite view, street view, and more. The software can also be configured to notify the caregiver via text message/email if an elderly member wanders off. The message is sent instantaneous so that way the caregiver can locate the elderly member instantly. Contact us today for more information.