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Employee Time GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Tracker’s portable trackers can be used to track employees while they are on the clock. Employees can carry the portable GPS Trackers on their possession and turn them on when they arrive at work. Once they clock out of work they can turn the devices off, so they won’t be tracked while away from the office. The portable GPS Trackers are real time trackers that can be used to better manage employees to make sure they are completing their activities. Employers can track the location using any phone or computer and can view all the units underneath one account.

The GPS Tracking software will provide information such as the coordinates, location, miles per hour, breadcrumb trail, and more. The tracking software stores up to six months of report history and can be monitored in real time using the easy to use software. The portable trackers will notify the employer if the device is turned off, which will prevent employees from turning the unit off while on the clock. Text/email alerts may be configured for the devices. The tracking service costs $24.95 per month, which can be paid on a month to month basis. The only other fee is a one time Activation fee of $44.95.