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Repossession Vehicle Tracking

Repo men can use the portable Micro Tracker to track a vehicle that is scheduled for repossession. It can be difficult to locate a vehicle that is scheduled for repossession so the use of a GPS Tracker simplifies the process. Just place the portable Micro Tracker on the target vehicle and track its whereabouts using any phone, computer, or tablet device. The GPS Tracker can be tracked in real time and can even be configured to provide minute updates. The Micro Tracker is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and lasts for two and a half weeks on a single charge.

The tracking software is easy to use and will provide information such as the miles per hour, exact location, street view, breadcrumb trail, satellite view, and more. Multiple units can be configured underneath the same account allowing multiple repossessions at once. Text/email alerts may be configured to notify the repo man once the vehicle enters or exits a certain area. It is important to check with state and local laws regarding the use of GPS Trackers prior to purchase. It is recommended to consult with a lawyer in order to prevent any legal issues.