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Using GPS Trackers to Track Sports Equipment

Sports equipment items may go missing as a part of transporting expensive equipment whether it is for a practice or an an actual game. Golf clubs are expensive equipment as well as other items such as bowling balls or baseball bats. The portable Micro Tracker is a small GPS Tracker that is small enough to fit inside a bag carrying equipment and can be tracked on a smart phone or computer. Sports equipment can be very expensive so with a portable GPS Tracker, you can ensure that expensive equipment won’t go missing. The Micro Tracker lasts for two and a half weeks on a single charge and features a rechargeable battery. The extended battery pack may be purchased as well to extend the battery life of the Micro Tracker to up to six months.

GPS Tracking software requires no installation and allows the equipment to be tracked in real time. Sports equipment is often transported from one location to another and allows the owner to monitor the equipment right on their phone. Even configure the GPS Tracking software to notify the owner by text message and/or email anytime the equipment arrives at its location. The GPS Tracking software is user friendly and multiple units can be added underneath one account. Worldwide tracking also available which can be convenient for international organizations such as FIFA and FIBA. Contact GPS Tracking Tracker today for more information.