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Brand New Ebay Store

GPS Tracking Tracker has a brand new redesigned Ebay store where most of the products can be purchased directly from Ebay. Products include all of the real time GPS Trackers such as the Micro Tracker, OBD Tracker, and the Hard Wire Tracker. Other additional accessories can be purchased such as the extended battery pack, magnetic case, car charger, y cable, and more. Each product is offered at a discounted rate on the Ebay store and multiple items could be ordered. Check out the brand new store today to learn more about all the latest solutions in GPS Tracking.

Ebay Site: http://stores.ebay.com/spyspot/

Road Trip GPS Tracking

GPS Trackers can be an ideal solution for tracking children, family members, or friends during long road trips. GPS Trackers can be placed inside a vehicle or inside a person’s backpack and used to track the person’s location at all times. GPS Tracking Tracker’s GPS Trackers will track all over the country and can be accessed remotely from any smart phone or computer. This will allow family members and friends to track a person’s location at all times in order to see where they are on the trip. Text/email notifications may also be configured to provide alerts when a person arrives at a certain location. This eliminates the tediousness of having to constantly check the tracking software to get location updates.

Each type of GPS Tracker would be able to track long trips. However, if the trip is longer than two weeks, it is recommended to purchase an additional battery if using the Micro Tracker GL 200 or GL 300 model. The Micro Tracker has a battery life of two and a half weeks, but has a miniature extended battery case that can last up to 6 weeks. Another larger extended battery can be purchased that will extend the battery life of the Micro Tracker to up to 6 months. Each battery is rechargeable including the battery of the actual Micro Tracker itself.

Road trips can be a fun experience, but provide peace of mind by purchasing a GPS Tracker. Always know the location of your loved ones during long trips providing safety for both yourself as well as the person being tracked.

Asset Tracking Using Real Time GPS Tracker

The portable Micro Tracker is a real time tracker that can be used to track assets such as paintings, antiques, valuables, and more. It is small enough to attach to an object and can last up to two and a half weeks on a single charge. The Micro Tracker can then be tracked using a phone, tablet, or computer. The portable GPS Tracker has a rechargeable battery as well as a built in motion sensor. The size of the Micro Tracker is about the size of a matchbox and fits in the palm of your hand. The Micro Tracker can be attached to an object such as a painting using the additional magnetic clip or pelican case. The GPS Tracker is small enough to fit inside a backpack or suitcase in order to protect your valuables.

The GPS Tracking software for the Micro Tracker provides information such as the exact location, satellite view, street view and more. Perimeters may even be configured that can notify the user via text message and/or email when it enters or exits a certain area. Worldwide tracking is also available with the use of a local 2G SIM card with a minimum of a 500 mb data plan. Multiple units may be added to an existing account.

Using a GPS Tracker for Dementia

The portable Micro Tracker is the ideal solution for individuals suffering from Dementia. It is often difficult to locate people who suffer from Dementia so the use of a GPS Tracker simplifies this issue. The elderly person would just have to carry a GPS Tracker on them at all times, which is small enough to fit inside a pocket or can even be attached to an article of clothing. The portable Micro Tracker lasts for about two and a half weeks on a single charge and features a rechargeable battery. It even has a panic button on the side so the person with Dementia can press that button to notify the caregiver of his/her location in case of an emergency.

The tracking software allows the caregiver to configure perimeters, which can be designated at the elderly member’s house, so if they leave that house they will get a text message sent directly to their phone. The caregiver may track the location at all times using any phone, tablet, or computer. The report history even stores up to six months of data so they can go back and see if the person with Dementia ended up wandering off, which they missed.

The monthly service cost for a real time GPS Tracker is $24.95 with a one time Activation fee of $44.95. The service may be paid on a month to month basis and cancelled at anytime. Contact GPS Tracking Tracker today to place an order and to receive more information.

City Tracking Using GPS Trackers

City tracking involves the use of real time GPS Trackers for city owned vehicles. City tracking can include the tracking of vehicles such as snow plows during the winter months as well as city owned buses. GPS Tracking Tracker offers discounted rates for city tracking and can be contacted for a full price quote. GPS Tracking Tracker carries the portable Micro Tracker, OBD Tracker, and Hard Wire Tracker, which can all be used for real time tracking. Each GPS Tracker can be tracked using a phone, tablet, or computer.

The GPS Tracking software allows multiple units to be tracked underneath one account. This makes it simple for the city administrator to manage all the city vehicles using one account. Text/email alerts may be configured to notify the administrator or events such as when a vehicle arrives at a certain location or when the battery runs low. Each GPS Tracker can be configured for minute updates and tracked in real time using the easy to use software. The discounted rates apply to city tracking for both the monthly service fee as well as the Activation fee.

Why Use the GL 300 Compared to Other Portable Trackers

The GL 300 has several features that make it an improvement over other GPS Trackers on the market. Other competing brands offer GPS Trackers that have to be retrieved and later plugged into a computer to view everything that happened. These are the types of devices you will find that don’t require a monthly service. The benefit of the GL 300 is that the monthly service offered is at a highly discounted rate of $24.95 and with bulk purchases is even further discounted. The GL 300 provides real time live tracking allowing the user to use a phone or computer to track the location. The GL 300 also has an outstanding battery life of up to two and a half weeks whereas other GPS Trackers typically last a little less than a week. The versatility of the GL 300 allows it to be programmed for minute updates, three minute updates, or five minute updates using the easy to use software.


The features of the tracking portal surpass all other GPS Trackers on the market. The tracking portal allows the user to receive a street view, satellite view, breadcrumb trail, and hybrid view. The user may also receive up to six months of report history and can even set up perimeters for the GL 300. Text/email alerts may be configured to notify the user of events such as low battery, enter/exit perimeter, and motion detected. The GL 300 is one of the most advanced GPS Trackers on the market even surpassing the Micro Tracker GL 200. Order the GL 300 to take advantage of the many features that this device offers.

Food Truck GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Tracker’s real time GPS Trackers can be used to track the location of food trucks real time on a map. Food trucks have the ability to embed a map on their website that shows their location to potential customers. Customers can then go onto the website to see the current location of the food truck. Food trucks often find it difficult to advertise their location, which can lead to a decrease in sales. Having a GPS Tracker can lead to new customers and simplify advertising.

The Micro Tracker or OBD Tracker are ideal tracking solutions for a food truck. Just place the device on a food truck and track the location from any phone or computer. The GPS Tracker can even be configured to notify users by text message and/or email when the food truck is in their area. Take advantage of this GPS Tracking opportunity by contacting us today.

Satellite View and Street View

GPS Tracking Tracker’s different GPS Trackers provide real time tracking that can be viewed in both satellite mode and street mode. Satellite view will allow the user to zoom in on buildings and other landmarks to better pinpoint the area where the tracker is located.

Satellite Zoom In


Street view allows the user to receive a street level view of the location using the easy to use software. Just click the yellow man when in Dashboard view and drag him right onto the location. The Google Maps interface will provide a street view, which will better pinpoint the exact location.

Street View


Black Friday Sale off all latest GPS Trackers

Spy Spot is hosting a Black Friday sale online with 25% off all the latest real time GPS Trackers. The sale includes the portable Micro Tracker, OBD Tracker, and Hardwire Tracker. The sale also includes all the accessories for GPS Trackers.