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Weather Conditions for GPS Tracking

The portable Micro Tracker is the most ideal portable tracking solution, but customers may be nervous about extreme weather conditions such as heat or freezing temperatures. The magnetic pelican case is a weatherproof case that can be used to house the Micro Tracker. The magnetic pelican case is an insulated case that can withstand freezing temperatures as well as conditions such as snow and rain. The GPS Tracker is locked inside the case and the case features a magnet at the base. The pelican case can also withstand extreme heat conditions which is perfect to use in desert areas such as Arizona or Nevada. The magnetic pelican case will prevent moisture damage as well as other damage that may be caused from weather conditions.


Weather Proof Magnetic Case

Food Truck GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Tracker’s real time GPS Trackers can be used to track the location of food trucks real time on a map. Food trucks have the ability to embed a map on their website that shows their location to potential customers. Customers can then go onto the website to see the current location of the food truck. Food trucks often find it difficult to advertise their location, which can lead to a decrease in sales. Having a GPS Tracker can lead to new customers and simplify advertising.

The Micro Tracker or OBD Tracker are ideal tracking solutions for a food truck. Just place the device on a food truck and track the location from any phone or computer. The GPS Tracker can even be configured to notify users by text message and/or email when the food truck is in their area. Take advantage of this GPS Tracking opportunity by contacting us today.

Using GPS Tracker to Track Mileage

The GPS Tracking software can be used to track the mileage of a vehicle. The GPS Tracker will keep track of all the start and stop locations, which is perfect for a fleet. The Tracking software will provide the total mileage driven for a set amount of time. The user can track the mileage daily, weekly, monthly or any given time using the easy to use calendar. This will help in allowing businesses to conserve gas by eliminating routes that use excessive mileage.

In order to track the mileage of a vehicle, just click reports and click start/stop. This will display the total stops for a given time as well as the mileage traveled. This will only work with the OBD Tracker or the Hard Wire Tracker. If you are using the Micro Tracker, you can click Reports > Motion Start/Stop and it will give you a report of the amount of time that the vehicle was in motion and when it stopped.

How to Configure Text/Email Alerts for GPS Tracking Software

In order to configure text and email alerts, first log into the account. Click on Manage > Account Level Alert Contacts < Add New Contact. From there type in a name for the “Contact Name”. Type in an email address for an email alert or MMS address for a text alert. Consult with your phone provider to find out the correct MMS Address. For example, ATT has an MMS address of @mms.att.net. Check off each notification that you would like to be notified of. You may select the notifications for anytime or during the work week only. Click the Submit button and click the test it button to make sure the alerts go through. Please contact us at (561) 279-3939 if you need any further assistance.

Boat Tracking

GPS Tracking Tracker’s Micro Tracker can be used to track boats. The Micro Tracker has a weather resistant design, but additional accessories include a weatherproof pelican case as well as a 6 month extended battery that comes inside a pelican case. The Micro Tracker’s battery without the case lasts for about two and a half weeks. The Micro Tracker has a built in motion sensor and can be tracked from any phone or computer using the easy to use software. The software uses the Google Maps interface and will show the location right on the map and can be zoomed in for satellite view. The GPS Tracking software stores up to 6 months of history and alerts can be configured via text/or email to notify the user of any motion detection events or if the boat reaches a certain area. Worldwide tracking available with a local 2G SIM card.

Extended Battery



Satellite View and Street View

GPS Tracking Tracker’s different GPS Trackers provide real time tracking that can be viewed in both satellite mode and street mode. Satellite view will allow the user to zoom in on buildings and other landmarks to better pinpoint the area where the tracker is located.

Satellite Zoom In


Street view allows the user to receive a street level view of the location using the easy to use software. Just click the yellow man when in Dashboard view and drag him right onto the location. The Google Maps interface will provide a street view, which will better pinpoint the exact location.

Street View


GPS Tracking Worldwide

GPS Tracking Tracker provides worldwide tracking solutions including the portable Micro Tracker, OBD Tracker, and Hard Wire Tracker. Each tracker can be used to track around the world with a 2G SIM card and a minimum 500 MB data plan. Each GPS Tracker can be configured with the 2G SIM card and has a monthly service of $25.00. Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are both considered United States territories, so no SIM card is needed for those areas. Worldwide tracking can be configured in all areas around the world including Canada, Brazil, Australia, and more.

Multiple units may be configured underneath the same account using worldwide tracking. Worldwide tracking will allow the user to view the exact location, satellite view, street view, breadcrumb trail, and stores 6 months of history. Zoom in and out using the easy to use Google Maps interface and even configure the device to notify the user by text message and/or email of several different events. Contact us today to be provided a price quote on a bulk purchase.

Worldwide Tracking


GPS Tracker to Prevent Auto Theft

The Hard Wire GPS Tracker with kill switch is the perfect GPS Tracker to prevent your vehicle from getting stolen. The Hard Wire Tracker is installed behind the dashboard, which leaves it virtually undetectable. The kill switch is part of the GPS Tracker and allows the vehicle to be disabled from any location using any device such as a phone or computer. The Hard Wire Tracker can be installed at any local audio shop, Best Buy, or car repair shop. Please check our site for a full list of authorized installers in the Florida and Georgia area.

Tracking Mileage of Vehicle

GPS Tracking Tracker’s GPS Trackers can be used to track the mileage of any vehicle using the easy to use software. Whether you are a fleet and want to effectively manage the company vehicles or an individual who wants to track their own driving habits, GPS Tracking Tracker has a solution for you. Each GPS Tracker will be able to provide a detailed report of where the vehicle has been as well as the mileage that is used. The OBD Tracker and the Hard Wire Tracker are the best options for tracking the mileage of a vehicle since both devices provide updates every minute and log the actual mileage of the vehicle. Please contact us at (561) 279-3939 to be provided more information and to be given a quote.

Black Friday Sale off all latest GPS Trackers

Spy Spot is hosting a Black Friday sale online with 25% off all the latest real time GPS Trackers. The sale includes the portable Micro Tracker, OBD Tracker, and Hardwire Tracker. The sale also includes all the accessories for GPS Trackers.